Nicholas Kohler Director

E [email protected]
T +61 (8) 8110 6012
F +61 (8) 8110 6013

Our Approach

We provide businesses and individuals with sensible and practical advice on their financial matters.  We differentiate our services by:

  • being experts at what we do and sharing our knowledge to educate clients so they can better understand their businesses;
  • building enduring relationships with our clients through proactive advice and great customer service (we’re quick to respond to emails and contactable on our mobiles);
  • going above the basics of tax compliance and delivering value-added services as a part of a standard service package;
  • providing fixed fee agreements (with fees based on value rather than a traditional hourly billing model) that include more services to provide the best value (without charging for the small stuff like phone calls);
  • helping to facilitate business for our clients and supporting their business (we want our clients to grow so they will seek more services from us which will help us grow).

We aim to become our clients trusted advisor and be the first point of contact to instruct and co-ordinate with their other professional advisors who specialise in their fields.